Booty shakin’, low slung, badass electronic funk with hip house tendencies

If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of funky breakbeats then you’ve no doubt heard of Basement Freaks – the brainchild of George Fotiadis.

His music has been praised by MixMag, i-DJ Mag and even the Godfather of Nu-Skool Breaks – Rennie Pilgrem. In fact, every respectable funk DJ on the planet includes a Basement Freaks tune in their set.


With years of regular releases George has built up an enviable catalog of tracks including 3 full albums and a slew of EPs and remixes. In addition to this production work he spends an extraordinary amount of time on the road DJing which has contributed to him being dubbed “The hardest working man in Funk” by his peers. George has played shows across 6 continents and his music has been praised, played and partied to all over the globe, with not only himself but every respectable future funk DJ regularly including a Basement Freaks track in their set.
From humble beginnings around 1993 playing in local bands in his hometown of Thessaloniki in Greece, he developed a growing interest and desire in taking more creative control of his art- composing both music and lyrics before getting more involved on the production aspects of recording to eventually become a one man funk-factory all from the studio in his basement. So the Basement Freaks project was born and before long he had releases on the big player labels in the Funk and Breaks space including Ghetto Funk, Fort Knox Recordings, Goodgroove Records and of course his current home Jalapeno Records.

Since 2011 Georges Perin a long time collaborator and vocalist of “Something Freaky & Funk From The Trunk LPs” and Producer / DJ George Fotiadis have joined forces on stage to form a Live Funk Mush Up Show as Basement Freaks Soundsystem. Together they have performed in more than 10 European countries, 3 tours and headlined on Farma Project & Reworks Festivals.

It wasn’t just the labels that took notice as he picked up plays on BBC Radio 1, support from the likes of Mixmag, I-DJ Mag, The Knowledge Magazine and championing from Annie Nightingale, Craig Charles, Don Letts and Nemone.

Basement Freaks headlined the world’s largest and best breakbeat festival – Shambhala – in Canada and NaveGroove in Brazil.

DJ-wise George has also been strutting his stuff at some legendary festivals with appearances including Glastonbury, Exit and Shambhala as well as rocking club nights at Space (Ibiza), Fabric (London), D.Edge (Sao Paulo) and a monthly residency at Moondoo (Germany). These energetic shows and tireless tour schedules have ensured his fan base continues to grow at a ridiculous rate with his Soundcloud account amassing over 30k followers alone.

Heavily influenced by the golden age of funk and soul, George has always drawn inspiration from the greats of the genre- James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and of course the heavy low end fuelled P-Funk of George Clinton and Funkadelic. However the Basement Freaks sound is not as narrow as some artists in a similar space with George bringing elements and ideologies from all sorts of musical ideologies and styles to form his producers palette.

Like these legends he continually tries to evolve his sonic signature and techniques. The 3rd full Basement Freaks album – Time Machine, is released on Jalapeno Records in February 2016 and was recorded and mixed back in his original basement in Greece where it all started. This release sees saw him moving away from sample based workflows to using analogue production equipment to achieve his authentic old school sounds the same way they used to be captured for the aforementioned stars he admires.

Time Machine floats between eras, effortlessly blending retro and modern styles and is a celebration of all things funk. Peppered with booty shaking grooves, head nodding beats and crowd moving jams it’s also crammed with talented vocalists bringing their A-game to the tunes. Mustafa Akbar (Nappy Riddem) channels the P-Funk, John Turrell (Smoove & Turrell) supplies his trademark blues tone, Kylie Auldist (The Bamboos) brings her soul chops and of course any Basement Freaks album wouldn’t be complete without the unmistakable falsetto of longtime collaborator Georges Perin.

Regardless of whether you’re old school or nu school Time Machine is a record you don’t want to pass you by.

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