The Beatification - Spezial

mit Brazil poliertes Freestylebrett

Heute Abend haben wir Gäste aus Sao Paulo an den Plattenspieler. die brazilien beats Pioniere DRUMAGICK kommen den weiten Weg nach Hannover geflogen und beehren unsere heiligen Hallen. famos unterstützt von unser aller Lieblings – DJ CHRIZ THE WIZ !

Drumagick – Info

The brothers of Drumagick are DJs since 1993. Brazilian electronic music vets, JrDeep and Guilherme Lopes are based in Sao Paulo. They’ve helped thru their own songs and performances, to the development of the brazilian drum and bass scene from the late 90s to its propagation to the world in the 2000’s, bringing since then more attention of the international dance music community to Brazil, that until that period didn’t had international visibility. Nowadays they’re still in the game producing many records and artists bringing in a very diverse musical landscape to the drum and bass, from fusions with jazz, brazilian and latin music delivering the music of the future.
Drumagick has worked its samba to the worldwide crowds based in a heavy bass music language with dance melodies full of groove and happy energy creating big waves on the other side of the Atlantic, that culminated in their first full length album called Aí Maluco, released in 2001 by Trama Records, a huge barn that supplied that musical revolution. For this album Drumagick got collaborations from Max de Castro, XRS, Ramilson Maia and DJ Marky to name a few, helping to establish Drumagick as a power in the old continent and exposing the drum and bass to the masses in Brasil and South America. A new generation of heroes was born and Brazil was dancing its beats.