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DJ Supermarkt & Mo'Horizons

Für heute Abend haben wir uns einen ganz besonderen Gast eingeladen: DJ SUPERMARKT wird zum allerersten Mal in der Cumberlandsche Galerie auflegen.

hier kommen ein paar Informationen zu ihm:

A party entertainment one man show! DJ Supermarkt started his “professional” Dj career twenty years ago, in 1994. But he’s far from growing up: his style changes a lot, and he’s looking for new and exciting sounds all the time. Right now, it’s a mix of modern funky electronic disco with late seventies west coast sunshine softrock-disco edits. He selected the original tracks for the highly successful “Too Slow to Disco” compilations; issue no. 2 has just been released to move your feet and put a smile on your face!

Style in five words:
music that makes people smile

Genres that struck me first:
Ska, Postpunk, WDR 2 Softrock

My three most successful tracks/remixes:
1. Remix as Le Hammond Inferno for: Righeira – Vamos a la playa
2. Track as Le Hammond Inferno – An Apple a day
3. Mixtape: Dj Supermarkt – Too Slow To Disco

Greatest moment of my career:

a) finishing the main stage of Benicassim Festival in front of 35.000 Morrissey fans (and making the dance)
b) everytime I realize (mostly in the middle of a dj-set) that I should stop following the herd and do something different, that my heart tells me (happy it didn’t happen during that Morrissey gig)
What makes a DJ a DJ?:
Not playing the Beatport Charts. Making people smile on the dancefloor.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
there are no embarrassing tunes, if you love a track, play it!

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
ah, touring is always weird… but fun! I really dislike farting tour-drivers in Italy!

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
So tired of this topic. DJs talk/think way too much about technical stuff instead of widening their musical horizon. Destroys the love!