tropical sound and rhythms

Wenn Sie nicht mal gerade wieder irgendwo anders in der Welt auflegen, sorgen Ralf Drösemeyer und Foh bei uns für tropical sounds and rhythms. …ein must-have at Calamari Moon !

Mo`Horizons consists of producers and dj`s Ralf Droesemeyer and Mark Foh Wetzler. Both hailing from downtown Hannover. Ralf is well renowned for his past work, which amongst others include Cunnie Williams and Randy Crawford. The other half of this dynamic duo is the ultra-active record collector & PC-musician Foh.

In the course of wanting to add a new dimension to their dj-sets and a wider musical range, Ralf and Foh experimented and produced music of their own and from this the idea of Mo`Horizons was born.

Within a short time Mo`Horizons had shot into the modern dance & listening music scene. Their diverse repertoire of sounds are also used for background music in TV documentries to innovative radio stations who played virtually every track from the albums. Diverse tracks also found their way onto tv – advertising for Ikea, Viva, Renault, Kia Motors, Surf On, D/VHS Video, some entertainment shows in America, Italy and many more …

The songs by Mo’Horizons are appearing on more than 700 compilations worldwide. This is the fact why many people don’t know that they already know Mo’Horizons music ;-)