The Beatification - Spezial

plus Chriz The Wiz

With a traveller’s sense of cosmic consciousness this Latin American Swede moved to London and NYC to embrace herself with the music.
Previously signed to Ninja Tune, and with 2 world tours under her belt, she is now enjoying BERLIN as an inspirational platform for her new projects. On the mic Yarah Bravo is PASSIONATE, POSITIVE, FUNKY AND FEROCIOUS, and willing to show the world it’s all about the heart ♥

Tikogo is originally from the Itapuã neighborhood, in Salvador de Bahia Brazil. Now living in Berlin he has a musical Beatiful project that calls „Beatz Ohne Ende“. He collected his family from the Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop scene and together they play original music and JDilla’s beatz.
In the orchestra – saxophones, trombone, Keys, bass, vocals, drums and beatz.

Yarah Bravo homepage: link
DJ Tigogo homepage: link