16.03. home & abroad sessions

Scratch Crusader, Master Rocker, Olivier Brazes, Jeff The Fish & Melody Nelson

jazz funk brazilian latin fusion

Catch home&abroad sessions spinning vinyl FRI, 16 March 2018 at Calamari Moon Suite, Hannover. 

home&abroad sessions met 2015 in Perpignan (Southern France), which became the birthplace of the collective when DJing at a festival finding truth in each other’s musical styles and love for organic dance-oriented music from the 1960s to the present with an emphasis on jazz-funk, brazilian, latin & fusion. The collective has played in various permutations in clubs and at festivals in London, Barcelona and Hamburg.

home&abroad sessions DJ’s:

Scratch Crusader (UK)
Masterocker (FR)
Olivier Brazes (FR)
Jeff the Fish (IE/FR)
Melody Nelson (DE)